Hi!  My name is Kadie. Welcome to the Souvenir Shop for our school’s artists, research fellows projects, and school. All of us are working hard to raise money to bring Dream Flight Adventures to our special room at Baden Academy Charter School.

You can help!  Scroll through the pages and order something beautiful. Profits will go toward our goal.

Dream Flight Adventures, a virtual simulator that allows classes to dive into Mt. Vesuvius, plan intergalatic constitutions, and prevent pandemics within fantastic voyages,  would benefit all students in the school.  It would be a space where kids can work collaboratively in a fully immerse, fully interactive learning experience…

…that teaches teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving…

…by blending STEM Education…

…with social studies, humanities, and art.

In other words, it’s a real-life Magic School Bus.  It’s part simulator, part game, and part theater—and it creates an out-of-this-world experience.




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