Delana Duncan is the CEO of Baden Dreams. She started the club in 2017. Out of school, she likes to swim, read, and play outside. She works with Layne on product catalogs. They make shirts and more on Zazzle.

Ava Rossi is a leader in Baden Dreams. She joined Baden Dreams in 2018. She likes to do gymnastics, dance, and read. She and her partner Dezi focus mostly on video marketing. She hopes to continue to be a helpful assistant to the team!  

Jaiden Brown joined Baden Dreams in 2019. He really enjoys playing video games and also loves playing outside particularly baseball. He enjoys time with his brothers. He helps design t-shirts for Baden Dreams and loves learning about graphic arts. 

Layne Burchett is the graphic designer of Baden Dreams. He was a member from 2018-2019. Out of school, He enjoys chess, Dragon ball super, civil air patrol, and typing. He works with Delana on product catalogs and makes products on

Dezi Alexander joined Baden Dreams in 2018. She and her partner Ava are working on YouTube marketing videos for Baden Dreams. They also help make shirts and hats and other merchandise for the other research fellows in Zazzle. She likes to cheer, dance, and to make art. She hopes to carry Baden Dreams on for many more years.

Maria Rossi-Keen is the COO of Baden Dreams and the Director of Film and Advertisement Operations. She joined Baden Dreams in 2017, and wishes to continue to be a helpful asset to the team! Visit the Logo Making Tutorials she created with Maya.

Maya Abt is the Director of Logo Making Management for Baden Dreams. She joined in 2017. She enjoys running and playing outside. Visit the Logo Making Tutorials she created with Maria.

Jaylee Duncan was a Graphic Designer for Baden Dreams in the years 2016 and 2017. Make sure you look at her tutorials on how to add a donate button to your website.

Will Ritchie was an Application Developer for Baden Dreams in the years 2016 and 2017. Visit his tutorials on MIT App Inventor

Adiayah Lewis was the Vice President for Baden Dreams in the years 2016 and 2017. She created a tutorial on how to make a product catalog for your website. Check it out here!

Owen Bonino was a graphic designer for Baden Dreams in the years 2014 through 2018. He also made a tutorial on how to design a product on Zazzle.

Billy Abt was a graphic designer for Baden Dreams in the years 2014 through 2016.

Hi!  My name is Kadie. Welcome to the shop for our school’s Research Fellows E-Commerce Products. Research Fellows in our school’s media lab apply to write books, create websites and YouTube channels, lead after-school clubs, and become STEM Superheroes.  Each fellow learns a little bit about creating print-on-demand products and merchandising them through the powerful medium of the internet.  

You can help!  Scroll through the pages and order something beautiful. Profits will go toward the charities that benefit from our projects or to our school. 

Meet the 2016-17 Baden Dreams Leadership Team

Hi!  Our names are Adiyah, Jaylee, Will, Owen, and Kadie. Welcome to the Baden Dreams website.  We make the tutorials for our classmates to follow to

  • prepare their product catalog,
  • their tee-shirt, mousepad, coffee mug Zazzle products,
  • their books published through Lulu,
  • their 3-D printed Shapeways
  • their mobile apps made with MIT App Inventor
  • and a donate button to encourage giving to their charities.

This website and business is the research fellows project was begun by Kadie Belic at Baden Academy.  Originally conceived to raise money to bring the indoor playground/learning tools of Dream Flight Adventure, the website has grown and changed in response to analytics and a better understanding of marketing.   Special thanks is extended to our mentors:

  • Sandra Curry, Director of Education for the Franklin Center and Beaver County Youth Entreprenership
  • Brittany Golden, Baden Academy PTP President and marketing guru,
  • Karie Walaan, the gifted education coordinator,
  • and Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh, the director of the media lab.

Watch Kadie’s 2015 TedEd Club Talk

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